SHIFT Workshopping Weekend January 13/14 at CBC Studio 700

...where audiences and artists learn together. 2 DAYS OF COLLABORATION & A GREAT PARTY with Off Key Improv. 

Intro to FitzMeisner with Lori Triolo, Saturday Jan. 14th 10am-1pm - $50 - SOLD OUT!

Got a passion project? An unshakeable idea? An ad-hoc collaborative team? 

Apply NOW for SHIFT'S reimagined FESTIVAL AT THE FIREHALL in JUNE, and then kick off 2017 by shifting your focus. 

Why? We have space at CBC Studio 700 (Jan. 13/14), funding, human resources...and we want to obliterate obstacles for you to produce new work, audiences waiting: JUNE 1-3 at the Firehall Arts Centre.

Seeking professional, returning or teaching artists with a focus on the FASCINATING, no push for finished products. 

Theatre is the safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done.
— John Patrick Shanley


SHIFT AGM Social 2016 was @Salt Tasting Room, Oct. 17th

Thank you to all who attended our AGM; your support means the world to us. 

Building on 1-Act festival 9: Empowered women, empowering words

...warmest Welcome to this year's SHIFTLab artist, Yvette dudley-neuman, and her brand new play-in-progress, "Titillations".

 #TittieTalks - respectful field research with diverse communities to undress breast-centred experiences. 

To participate as storyteller, community partner, sponsor, or host - email or TWEET today.

Theatre...the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another, the sense of what it is to be a human being.
— Oscar Wilde