The "Parachute" Peril of Festival Participation

I'm thinking about the best way to create a stronger sense of community, to set the stage for ally-making and for professional development as part of 1-Act Festival 8. 

From recent conversations with participants in previous 1-Act festivals, it's clear that the process toward tech day and festival dates allows for little more than a fabulous "parachute" culture: You swoop in to present your great, short work, with passion, and you swoop out. We tech all of the shows on one single well-orchestrated day and we run all of the shows back-to-back every night; participants from last year, for example, tell me that they never saw the fascinating work of their fellow participants. 

Time is tight, and moving very quickly toward June already, but SHIFT wants to create the space for festival parachuters to meet, to mingle, to share a preview, and then maybe someday they'll share a resource, a contact, a script, a workshop...Time is tight, but I have an inkling that we can do more for the process, the production and for each presenter if we take a few minutes to get to know each other.