The Dudes of My Life

August 19-23 at 8pm
The Shop Theatre
125 E 2nd Ave


Directed by
Deneh'Cho Thompson

Performed by
Christina Andreola

Dramaturgy by
Dan Borzillo

About the Show

Parents wish their children the best in life, at school, at work, and in love. In The Dudes of My Life, Christina Andreola confronts the list of qualities her mother has provided for the man she will marry. The successful candidate will be tall, gainfully employed, a good catholic, and have a good head of hair.

Using both personal and borrowed experiences The Dudes of My Life is a tongue-in-cheek examination of dating in the modern world. Sources include the ubiquitous 90’s rom-com, racy text messages, and the “swipe right” culture of Tinder.

Will Christina find the man of her (mothers) dreams on-line, on vacation, or perhaps closer to home?