Submission Guidelines

  1. Please submit a single PDF document that identifies you as Creative Team Leader and defines the following, in brief, to help us visualize your project. Footage, photos and other supporting materials are also gladly accepted. 

    • Performance Title

    • Approximate running time

    • Written, devised or created by ________

    • Your bio and/or their bio

    • Other members of the Creative Team (names, roles)

    • Elevator pitch for the performance project (succinct description)

    • What makes this a passion project? (Why this story, here, now?)

    • What do you want the audience to think about or feel or discuss after your show?

    • What do you need to succeed with this project? What is success with this project?

  2. Please email your script to, which must be fully drafted, if not finalized.

  3. A $25 reading fee can be paid here.

Please note:

  1. Creative Team Leaders are responsible for sourcing any additional funding needed, beyond SHIFT’s investment, once negotiated.

  2. Each Creative Team is required to employ their own Stage Manager, who must be a compensated member of your Creative Team. SHIFT can help you find/hire this artist if necessary, or any other artist (including actors).

  3. SHIFT Theatre collaborators will attend some rehearsals and a system will be negotiated for respectful, constructive feedback.