No Body Is An Apology: A Panel Discussion

Saturday, June 2  |  2pm  |
CBC Studio 700  |  700 Hamilton St

Lead by Ilana Zackon, founder of Project X Performance.

Featuring portraits taken by Sinead Grewcock, and a chance to Donate Your Story about physical identity and body image to Project X Performance for their upcoming show corpo (r e a l).

Refreshments available.

Pre-registration $5 and $6 at the door.

Our esteemed panelists:

Linda Carson, playwright/performer

Leslie Stark, poet/teacher/performer

Veronique West, playwright/dramaturg

Cecilly Day, actor/burlesque performer


The Panel's focus is on the performative and creative, contextualized by bodies and body image, inspired by #fiercetruthtelling and the road to self-acceptance.

Questions we'll explore:

  1. Why does body image continue to be relevant now, from your perspective?
  2. Why is art/performance such an effective tool for the exploration of these issues?
  3. Your body and/or voice and/or your writing is your instrument. How do you safeguard (even bolster) your own wellbeing while navigating challenging issues?
  4. How personal is your art-making, and at what cost? Where do you draw the line?

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About Ilana Zackon

A graduate of John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre Program, Ilana Zackon is a Canadian artist who enjoys wearing many hats. An actor, singer-songwriter, voice-over artist, director and yoga instructor, she has been involved in the performing arts since the age of three. Ilana was mentored in the Black Theatre Workshop Mentorship program (Montreal, QC) and recently toured across Canada with Tohu Bohu’s musical theatre children’s show The Magical Journey. Other selected theatre credits include Nuclear Sky (Title 66 Productions), Glory Dazed (Waterworks Company) and Under Milk Wood (JAC’N’Burgh, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013). Directing credits include: Betty’s Summer Vacation (Floor 13 Productions), Part I (Project X Performance) and  in / cognitō: a living art exhibit on mental health (Project X Performance). She can also be heard as the voice of Catalyst in Livelock (Tuque Games) and Katherina von Dernsbach in “Mordheim: City of the Damned” (Games Workshop). Ilana is incredibly passionate about using theatre as a platform to create awareness and empathy, worldwide. Ilana is currently an Artist in Residence at Presentation House in North Vancouver developing Project X Performance’s next piece. Click here for an interview Ilana had with Art With Impact about the company. To contact: