Intro to TRE®

Friday, April 13  |  8pm  |  CBC Studio 700  |
700 Hamilton St

Learn another tool to tone your nervous system and build resilience, allowing you to recover faster when stress saps your capacity:

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) are a simple and accessible, yet powerfully effective way to release stress, whether that stress is manifested physically, emotionally or mentally. TRE® is a series of 7 simple exercises that evoke Neurogenic tremors (vibrations, shaking) which are a safe and healthy way to discharge stress and calm the nervous system. The exercises can be modified for any body type or disability.

Presented by SHIFT Theatre as part of our ongoing Workshop Series and in service to a key company mandate: Healthy Artistry, and lead by Desmond Williams, Certified TRE Provider and Yoga teacher who specializes in stress management strategies. This workshop will be about 90 minutes.



About Desmond Williams

Desmond is a proponent of life-long learning who was first motivated to explore alternative health practices as a substitute to pharmaceuticals after being diagnosed with severe arthritis in his early 20’s. With his regular personal practice of TRE® Desmond was able to overcome severe road-rage and other anger related issues as well as regain a level of physical autonomy after losing a great deal of mobility post-diagnosis. Desmond was trained by Joan MacDonald, North America’s first Certified TRE® Trainer, and in 2017 completed TRE® Advanced Training with the founder/creator of the practice, Dr. David Berceli.