Sevil Baghban Karimi is a computer science student and a Vancouver-based photographer. In addition to her university studies, Sevil is involved with local political discussions and activist groups as a social justice advocate. This may be Sevil's first time working on a theatre play and being on stage but she hopes it is not the last. Unveiled is a piece investigating the female experience in important historical moments, to which Sevil is delighted to contribute. She would like to thank the creators of the show and looks forward to working with amazing people at the SHIFT Festival.

After graduating from UBC with a Bachelor of Psychology, Anita Zangeneh has been involved in providing community services for marginalized populations such as women in transition houses and individuals with special needs. Beside her profession, Anita has been
 actively engaged in her own community via theatre. She found her passion for theatre by taking acting workshops; she has had the opportunity to perform worldwide. Anita is thrilled to be part of Unveiled since the concept and content touch her soul and speak to her identity as an Iranian woman, distanced from her origins. 

Sara Sagaii

As her first experience with theatre-making, Sara is delighted to be part of the creation and performance of Unveiled. Since starting this project, she has also collaborated with Fay in staging a political play at the Wrecking Ball in Vancouver. The collective creation process for both of these projects has been a meaningful and eye-opening experience. As an immigrant from Iran, a political activist, and an engineer-turned-educator , Sara is extremely grateful to everyone involved in this project for holding a space to tell a complex story of liberation and setbacks, of hope and pain, and of a continued battle with darkness toward light. With special thanks to the amazing Fay Nass for her vision, direction and expertise.

Shirin Mehrgan is thrilled to be part of Unveiled this year as an actor and a co-writer of the play. She has been enjoying every moment working with her fellow cast members.  This is her first time working in theatre, and being on stage. She is very grateful to Aphotic Theatre Society and to SHIFT Festival for this exciting opportunity and hopes to continue participating in more plays in the future.

Sam Mansouri

Film Actor, Actor, Producer (1974-)

Sam Mansouri is a Canadian actor known for his latest roles in "The Agony of Obsolescence", "The Esteemed Coach", and "The Perfect Murder".  


Born in 1974 in Bandar Anzali, Iran, Sam Mansouri was raised in Europe and eventually moved to Vancouver BC determined to pursue his acting currier.  In 2011 his first break was performing supporting role in feature move called "Almost A Turkish Soap Opera”, where subsequently lead to numerous films, and shorts like Ambrosia, Nocturne Six, I'm Just Waiting For A Call, and more… Also acting in Commercials, TV Show, and Theater, including Aphotic Dream directed by Fay Nass. 

Sadaf Amini is a Vancouver based, Iranian-Canadian composer, pianist and singer . She started playing piano at the age of 7 and continued learning classical piano under renowned teachers of the Tehran Conservatory of Music. Despite her classical training, she has always had a passion for Persian folk music, improvisation and composing film scores. Her second feature film "TURBULENCE" (score composer) was featured at VIFF 2014 both inthe BC Spotlight and Canadian Images competitions.

Daniel Simmons: Sound Designer and Composer

Daniel Simmons is a composer who lives and works out of New Westminster B.C. A lifelong musician, Daniel’s work treads most heavily in theatre, dance and chamber music, with a focus on live original performance. Daniel acted as composer, sound designer and sound operator for Fay Nass’ master’s thesis Aphotic Dream at SFU Woodwards, and most recently worked as co-director and sound designer for Fay Nass’ production of Sheila Callaghan’s Lascivious Something at the Firehall theatre in Vancouver. Other recent highlights include sound design and original music for the frank theatre company’s The Pink Line for the Queer Arts Festival, sound design, original music, and a performance as the MC of Body Narrative Collective’s Dark Room at the Roundhouse theatre in Vancouver, and performance of his multi-movement chamber piece The Trojan War at the Sonic Boom festival at the Western Front in Vancouver. Daniel also performs live improvised musical accompaniment and provides musical direction for Vancouver improv theatre companies SIN Peaks, Instant Theatre and Off Key Musical Improv. Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts in Music with Distinction from SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

Jonathan Kim – Lighting Designer


Jonathan, better known as Jono, is a lighting designer and photographer based in Vancouver, BC. He holds a BFA in Theatre Production and Design from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts. With a focus on collaboration, devising and interdisciplinarity, Jonathan continues to challenge himself by pushing the limits of how lights in various forms can be used and understood as another performer on stage. His most recent works include: The City & The City (by Upintheair Theatre and The Only Animal), The Nether (by Redcurrant Collective) and Spring Awakening (by Phantom Moon Collective).

Fay Nass: curator, writing collaborator, director and the producer.

Fay Nass is a Vancouver based curator, director, writer, producer and theatre scholar. Her work often examines questions of race, sex, and culture, and the challenges these pose to notions of identity. Her passion for theatre began when she was five years old in Tehran, Iran where she found magic in the moment that light disappeared from the room and appeared on the stage.

Fay is interested in exploring liminal spaces; she believes these spaces hold great potential because even though they are not visible, they actively try to gain visibility. In her work she shines light on these spaces in order to shift meanings and de-construct paradigms rooted in our society. Therefore, her artwork often takes a critical view of culture, gender and identity and problematic binaries. “I believe theatre is a powerful tool to combine different cultures, and offer us a new way of seeing through its immediateness and intensity.”

Fay holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatre from Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Arts, and has been working as a freelance theatre practitioner for the past decade. She is the resident producer at Neworld theatre and the Associate artist at the Frank theatre and the Artistic Director of Aphotic Theatre. . She curated and produced Wrecking Ball 2016 Vancouver, Lascivious Something at Firehall Arts Centre in 2015. Her other recent directing credits include: Kill your Lovers (Rhubarb Festival) Urinetown (AD, Firehall Arts Centre), Post Secret (AD, Firehall Arts Centre) Aphotic Dream (writer/Director Goldcorp), Anne Frank is in my Dreams (Director, Havana), Strange (writer/Director) andParadox (writer/Director).