Our Vision

Led by Artistic Director Coco Roberge, SHIFT Theatre is a flexible collective of artists working to create resonant and conscious live performance.  Founded collaboratively in 2008, we are committed to community engagement and empowering roles for emerging and professional artists, especially women, on and offstage.

The company has produced the popular SHIFT 1-Act Festival for 9 years, a daring festival of original works and new stagings. In its tenth iteration, SHIFT shakes it up and is producing Passion Projects by local and acclaimed professionals.

SHIFT believes that theatre is relevant, nourishing, entertaining and fundamentally valuable to society. The company is dedicated to making honest and challenging live art that encourages compassion, and dialogue. SHIFT values creative development and lifelong learning, proven by our SHIFT Workshop Series and the SHIFTLab program, which links emerging playwrights with professional mentors.

[SHIFT’s 1-Act Festival is] funny, insightful, sad, trippy, and fearless … just what you should expect from an evening of one-acts.
— Mark Robbins, Vancouver Presents!

Board of Directors

Nate Kelly

Jennifer Pielak

Nick Sartore
Secretary Treasurer

Desmond Williams
Vice President

Rod Anderson

Jon Bauer

Brianne Chinery

Joel Grinke

Annual Reports

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