Festival Workshop: Booty Freedom

Saturday, June 2  |  10am  |  CBC Studio 700  |
700 Hamilton St

Taught by certified yogis & ecstatic dancers Nargis Dhirani and Elaine Joy Tan, linked to local partners Karma Teachers, Booty Freedom is a liberating and expressive movement class for all ages and genders set to sexy music and focused on free and open body celebration.

Booty Freedom (2).png


“My first Booty Freedom class I was nervous. As we all do, I struggle with body image issues, and the idea of letting go of inhibitions and dancing in a sexy way in a room full of strangers seemed terrifying. But as soon as I came through the doors, the spirit of support and sisterhood was stronger than any insecurities. There’s nothing like being in a circle of love and encouragement and loving your body and sensuality. I recommend it to EVERYONE! I love the Booty Freedom community❤️”

“Booty freedom is a magical space in which humans can express their inner gods and goddesses, relieve stress, and shake their booties all while laughing and enjoying each others company. Booty freedom has changed the way I see my own body and how I see, interact and reflect on others’ forms and has given me a confidence in my booty that was all but hidden before. Booty freedom is a blessing to Vancouver and beyond! 🙌💃🏻🍑🔥💦💥”

“OMG BUST IT OPEN. I have never been so propelled into a circle of empowered booties. Going strong for over a year, I continue to give my energy and be open to others opening up into full expression. A rare combo of choreo, sexy self love, and supporting your brothers and sisters. THANK YOU BOOTY FREEDOM FOR HOLDING SPACE. I love you like we love booty boomerang and soul trains. 💕💕”

“Booty freedom has become a second home and guaranteed safe space away from all stresses and anxieties the world gives✨imagine being surrounded by strong spirits in a room dedicated to making each other feel sexy and confident hi it actually doesn’t get better 🌞 wednesday is a safe haven”