Saturday, Jan.14, 2017 at CBC Studio 700


Intro to FitzMeisner with LORI TRIOLO 

Pre-registration only - Sliding scale $50 - SOLD OUT


Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a whole-body approach to vocal training that helps you communicate both your meaning and your inner life with a free, flexible, potent voice. The work combines classical voice-training with adaptations of yoga, shiatsu, Reichian bodywork and other body-based/meditative practices. This work increases vocal health, presence, spontaneity, resonance, power, and emotional connection – the full range of humanity that can be expressed in the voice.

The Meisner Technique, developed by one of the greatest acting teachers of the 21st century, is designed to develop an actor's powers of concentration, spontaneity and the ability to live fully in the given circumstances of a role. 

Anyone who has studied the technique knows the quote, "It's not the lines, it's the life."  The Meisner technique allows actors to bring life to their lines, to react spontaneously and powerfully, following their natural instincts and living their roles deeply and truthfully. 



A combination of the two training techniques FitzMeisner brings Fitzmaurice Voicework® together with Meisner to create a powerful combination that will help actors to release blocks; find greater freedom, spontaneity and ease in performance on screen and stage; and feel more powerful and alive in their work. 

SHIFT values creative development and lifelong learning and endeavours to create opportunities for artists and audiences to learn together.

Join us as part of the SHIFT Workshopping Weekend, Jan. 13/14 2017 at CBC Studio 700 and kick off the new year with something new to you.